music production course jaipur

Music Production

Learn the principles of recording, mixing, editing, and mastering music, as well as different genres and styles of music production.

advanced music production

Advanced Music Production & Film Scoring

Learn to produce music and film audio from scratch. This will include advanced Sound Designing, Multi-Mic Recording Techniques, Stereo & Dolby Atmos Mixing, etc. 

music foundation training

Foundation Training Programme

Start learning musical instrument, songwriting, arrangement and music technology from the very beginning. Strengthen your core knowledge of making music in today's time.

Music Theory

Learn fundamental concepts and principles of music. It covers notation, rhythm, scales, melody, harmony, etc.

Composition & Songwriting

Learn techniques to compose music in any genre. Get knowledge of different styles 

Arranging & Orchestration

Learn the process of Arranging and Orchestration, from initial planning to writing the final arrangement. 

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