Arranging & Orchestration Course



"A composition without an arrangement is just a melody and chords. To create a finished musical work arrangement and orchestration are needed. Arranging and orchestration are the meticulous processes of bringing musical compositions to life through instrumentation and structure. While Arranging involves shaping existing pieces of music, adapting them for different ensembles, genres, or purposes. It's the art of deciding which instruments play what parts, how they interact, and how the overall sound is shaped.  Orchestration adds depth, color, and texture to a composition, turning musical notes into rich, emotive soundscapes. It doesn't matter what type of ensemble or genre for which the piece is being written, from writing for a huge orchestra to four-piece rock band it's essential to arrange and orchestrate is properly.
Arranging and Orchestration are essential elements that breathe life into musical compositions."

Course Objectives

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees and duration?

Total fees of the course is Rs. 18,000.

Duration - 2 Months

Where is  Seven Stones  located?

Seven Stones is located at the heart of Rajasthan, Pink City Jaipur.

Address: 295, Ground Floor, Guru Ram Das Marg, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. 302004

What softwares will I get to learn?

In this course you'll learn Steinberg's Dorico.

What is the eligibility?

You need to have an in depth knowledge about music theory and composition. Also you need to have intermediate level skills of any instrument and you're good to go.